Hello, the name is Devin or Drad. I'm a Graphic Designer, Youtuber, and Gamer. I make mostly gaming videos on Youtube, but also do vlogs.

Feel free to take a look around. I post my videos and reblog some too reblogs will be sourced.


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Today is a good day to wear shorts!

Woah o.O I was able to read this… I’m Leaning!

It’s sooo hot :(

I need an A/C so bad donate me a AC unit I will be ur best friend!


So it has hit me as i know have 17 new followers, and I’ve been here since posting since the dawn of tumblr kind. That some of you may not know anything about me other than I post youtube videos, am a huge nerd, and partake in the listening of heavy metal music. So I will give you the insights of what makes me. ME!

My name first of is Devin or internet persona is Drad, or dradardev. Some don’t know where this comes from but here you go. my last name is Doppler. Some of you know that the weather rader is the doppler radar. Well put 2 and 2 together yet? “Dradar” is short for Doppler radar and “Dev” is short for… You guessed it Devin. Thus there is the history of my internet name.

I’m a gamer ever since I was 8 and got my first playstation. Except now it’s more PC/Mac gaming as I don’t own a console. This may change in the near future!

I’m also a graphic designer by degree, and soon to be computer animator. I love art and computers thus I put them together! I have an art blog, and portfolio link is somewhere I’m sure. If not message me I’ll point you in the right direction!

My life has been all over the place I was born and raised in MA, and moved to Los Angeles, CA. and well the city hates the country or suburban living folk. It’s not for me, but I live it out.

With out having a wall of text that about somes most of it up hit the archive button i’m sure u’ll find some stupid stuff!


sorry for the large amounts of spam.. I’m bored.. it’s hot.. and well…. I got nothing for 3 it’s just hot…

In all seriousness, if your in the Commerce area go find a macdonalds you might find me there MIGHT if i don’t lock myself in the freezer :D

I just really don’t wanna go to work…. and deal with people buying frapppsss